The Enlitic Opportunity

Deep learning is a great tool for interpreting all medical data. It provides physicians, nurses and other medical staff with a comprehensive diagnostic support tool.

In the past, diagnostic computer programs were written using a series of predefined assumptions about disease-specific features.  A specialised program had to be written for each part of the body and a limited set of diseases could be identified. The programs often oversimplified reality, resulting in poor diagnostic performance. These programs never reached widespread clinical adoption.

In contrast, deep learning can handle a broad spectrum of diseases in the entire body, and all imaging modalities (x-rays, CT scans, etc).  Deep learning contextualises the imaging data by comparing it to large datasets of past images, and by analysing ancillary clinical data, including clinical reports and laboratory studies.


Development Philosophy

As a healthcare company, we are focused on and continually refine our understanding of patient and provider needs. Our data scientists collaborate with radiologists on a daily basis to ensure that our technology enables them to provide first-rate scalable diagnoses. We also deliver support tools to help healthcare managers track and act on system-wide diagnostic performance.

We cultivate deep relationships with all healthcare stakeholders: patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies, radiology service companies, teleradiology clinics, and payers. Accordingly, we only release solutions that simultaneously improve patient outcomes, cost effectiveness, and clinical workflows.



Real-time Insights

Provide every doctor at your healthcare centre with fast, accurate reports to help them diagnose individual patients with high accuracy and personalised treatment recommendations. This is done across a broad spectrum of disease states and conditions.



Retrospective Insights

Unlock actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making by analysing large, data-rich medical archives. These can span medical images, clinical notes, pathology or radiology reports, laboratory data, patient-reported outcomes and more.

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